Jab Jage Tab Bhor

A book that helps you in discovering your own real self and regulates your day-to-day doings in the manner that helps strike a fine balanceā€¦.

Kasturi Kundal Base

A very interesting novel which differentiates between religiosity and spiritualism. It is the story of a young seeker, who goes to stay in a traditional abbey…..

Adhyatam Satsayi

A Treatise on the philosophy of meditation, the book explains the concept of Yoga, Bhakti-Marg, Sufi way of Mediatation…..

Rise to the Dawn

A book that awakens you to the real goal of life and suggests ways & means to lead a balanced and peaceful life…..


A collection of 20 short stories, each of which can touch you from within….


Dr. Naresh, a former Professor of modern literature at Panjab University and Chairman of the Chandigarh Academy of Letters, is a polyglot poet and writer. He has authored over six dozen books in English, Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi. He has received several State, National and International awards & honours for his contribution to literature. It has always been his endeavour to understand the mysteries of nature and to appreciate the science of cosmic system. His vast knowledge of Indian philosophy and his personal experiences and experiments drew him to the spread of spirituality.